He complimented the WNBA rookie.

Angel Reese.

Angel Reese’s influence and success seem to have not only changed perceptions but also softened the tones of even the most critical voices, as seen with Antonio Brown’s recent remarks. Her success appears to have influenced Brown’s opinions significantly. Recently, on the show ‘Fearless’ hosted by Jason Whitlock, Brown had nothing but praise for Reese.

Brown’s commentary didn’t stop at mere compliments. He went on to make more flirtatious remarks, suggesting that Reese’s financial trajectory, which seems poised to reach the $100 million mark, was particularly impressive.

“She’s a baddie,” Brown noted.

“Shoutout to Angel Reese. She starting to make $100 million. She’s gonna fluff me up baby.

“You smokin’, you treacherous, you a baddie.”

A meteoric rise

Angel Reese’s rise has been nothing short of meteoric. After being drafted as the 10th pick by the Chicago Sky, Reese has quickly ascended to the top of the endorsement charts, boasting a $1.8 million Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) valuation.

With her recent signing to the Sky, expectations are that her earnings will surpass the $1 million mark, a testament to her marketability and skill.

Recently, she signed for a signature shoe with Reebok and explained the reasons behind her decision.

“So many different shoe companies wanted to work with me. But I chose Reebok,” Reese said.

“What was it about Reebok? One, they don’t have a women’s basketball player [as] a face. So I wanted to be that.

“Two, Shaq. You know my relationship with Shaq. And three, I like how they’re rebranding everything and they’re letting me be the creator behind everything I want to do. So I’m having my own shoe line coming out, merch with my name on it. … Y’all like what I wear, y’all like how I dress, y’all like my style. I wanted to incorporate that into Reebok.”