CONFUSED Refs Don’t Know What’s Going On After Angel Reese Fouled! Chicago Sky vs Indiana Fever WNBA.

WNBA star Caitlin Clark blasted for ‘flop’ complaint against Chicago Sky

Many fans were unimpressed by Caitlin Clark trying to claim that the Chicago Sky flopped after she committed a third-quarter offensive foul, with TV commentators also disagreeing

Indiana Fever star Caitlin Clark mimed a flopping motion to referees after committing an offensive foul with 8:21 on the clock in the third quarter of Sunday’s one-point loss against the Chicago Sky. But ESPN’s TV commentary team immediately called it a “clear” violation and joked that she should instead use her arms as an air-circulating fan in an overheating arena.

Viewers online also felt Clark made a misstep by accusing the Sky of flopping, particularly as it’s something she’s been called out for in the past.

“Maybe it’s just me, but, if I’m Clark, im not doing the flop signal arms,” wrote one fan. “No reason to fan those flames. Take your whistle and get back on defense.”

Another added: “No Caitlin Clark did NOT try and call out a flop the way she been flying all over the court all season……….”

Clark isn’t shy toward referees, picking up a series of technical fouls earlier this campaign for jawing at officials and getting into several back-and-forths during the last NCAA Tournament.

On Sunday, the first-year pro didn’t pick up any fouls in the first half but briefly found herself in a sticky situation when she was whistled for three personals in a short period of time in the second half.

Caitlin Clark set a career-high in assists against the Chicago Sky on Sunday.
Caitlin Clark set a career-high in assists against the Chicago Sky on Sunday. 
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Otherwise, though, the Iowa product contributed at a high level for the Fever as she continued to adjust to the way WNBA defenses approach her. She surpassed 10 assists for the first time in her WNBA career – a mark that the 22-year-old regularly hit in college basketball.

Meanwhile, Clark continued to play a more efficient floor game than she did last month, shooting 5-of-11 from the field to keep her season percentage trending in a positive direction.

But after the Fever built a double-digit advantage early in the fourth quarter, Chicago fought back to tie the game inside the final three minutes behind Angel Reese’s ferocious offensive rebounding and inside scoring.

The Sky then took the lead as Reese and Chennedy Carter made clutch shots down the stretch. Despite missing several late free-throws, they held on to defeat Clark and Co., 88-87.

Clark finished with 17 points, 13 assists, six rebounds and four steals, playing every single minute of the game. Reese countered with a 25-point, 16-rebound effort that took her double-double streak to a rookie record eight consecutive outings.

“I’m a dawg, you can’t teach that,” Reese told ESPN on the court in a postgame interview. “I’m gonna go out and do whatever it takes to win every single night.