WNBA and Indiana Fever star Caitlin Clark was challenged by teammate NaLyssa Smith. The challenge occurred in front of the entire team during the day’s practice.

The challenge began after an intense shooting practice, when NaLyssa proposed a duel to Caitlin, both players accepted the proposal with enthusiasm, turning the tense moment into a very funny show with laughter and celebrations for the rest of the team.

Caitlin Clark challenged by NaLyssa Smith

Caitlin Clark

The friendly competition between Caitlin Clark and NaLsyssa Smith not only showed off their skills, but also their competitive spirit and ability to motivate each other and infect the team with positive energy.

Caitlin Clark, known for her scoring ability and accuracy on long shots, did not disappoint. With the eyes of the entire team on them, both Clark and Smith were able to hit impressive half-court shots, sparking a wave of applause and celebration among their teammates and the coaching staff.

The interaction between Caitlin and NaLyssa is a perfect example of how healthy competition and mutual support can take a team to the next level. The Indiana Fever are showing that their team spirit is as strong as their individual talent, promising a season full of success and exciting moments.