“Becky Hammon Sitting There Like a Proud Mom”: Fans Left in Awe as Kate Martin Heaps Massive Praise on A’ja Wilson.

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The Las Vegas Aces are in their golden era after winning back-to-back titles. With the Aces on the quest for a 3-peat, the season hasn’t started so well for them. However, they continue to be the team to beat and are focusing on their future as well as they’re letting their rookie cement her legs on the floor. The Las Vegas players and management are motivating the 18th overall pick, Kate Martin, to reach her potential. In the Aces’ loss to the LA Sparks, Martin started for the first time and had a great opening period. As a result, she melted the Aces fans through her praises for the reigning MVP A’ja Wilson.

In their post-game press conference, Kate Martin expressed her admiration for the only WNBA player with the longest streak of 20+ points games. Pointing towards A’ja Wilson, she said, “I’m sitting next to the best player in the world. And not only is she the best player in the world, she’s the best leader I’ve ever been around.”

Martin added more to the praises, saying, “She brings people together. She has so much confidence in every single person on our team and that just builds up our locker room. For the best player in the world to tell me to keep shooting it and staying aggressive. I feel like I’m on top of the world.”

Kate Martin also mentioned how her veterans, who have been in the league for a long time, have respect and trust in her. Moreover, the No. 20 was herself a captain for her team in Iowa. She even got the name ‘Glue’ for the same reason. Hence, she herself speaking highly of Wilson for the same impact won the fans over.

Vegas is loving Kate Martin as she commends A’ja Wilson

Multiple accolades decorate A’ja Wilson’s wall to date. Whether you talk about leading the league in blocks, earning the MVP honor, or snatching the biggest accolades, this Dawn Staley product has done it all. With a long list of on-court awards, she is also one heck of a leader and teammate. One fan said just that, mentioning how amazing it is that Kate Martin joined a team like this.

“A’ja is the best player in the league AND is a vet. OF COURSE her leadership is the best KM has been around. That leader is a BACK TO BACK CHAMP. Kudos for KM landing on a team like this 👏🏽”

Another Aces fan dropped their thoughts in the comment section, appreciating how everyone’s commending A’ja Wilson. The 2024 Times 100 speaker is already running on an MVP-like run. She has broken, tied, and created many records in the handful of games that the team has played so far. This proves just how good she is at what she does.

“I love how much respect everyone has for A’ja Wilson. Deserved 🏆”

One WNBA follower could not resist but mentioned the head coach. They laughed at the fact that Becky Hammon was silently sitting behind with her hands and legs crossed, smiling at her rookie praising the champion. Proud moment? Definitely!

“Becky Hammon sitting there like a proud mom”

An X user suggested how it is great for the former Hawkeye to play alongside a winner. A’ja Wilson has snatched wins at the NCAA as well as the WNBA, showing her pursuit for the highest ranks whatever level she plays at. The fan also applauded the rookie for putting out the fats about the No. 22 of the Aces being the greatest player and leader.

“All facts. Kate is finally playing with a proven winner. 😏”

Amidst all the compliments were some Las Vegas fans who did not stay behind to take what seemed to be an unhanded shot at the Iowa fans. They suggested that the people in the Midwest might not take the compliments about A’ja Wilson being the best player in the world. Certainly, that area has seen a star being born in the name of Caitlin Clark. In fact, Angel Reese too can be considered as the target as she too landed from Louisville.

“Midwestern 🌽 people gonna be pissed about that comment…but I’m glad for KM.”

Kate Martin not only won the fans last night. In fact, Rickea Jackson too praised the rookie for her evolution in the WNBA. Despite the loss, it is great to see how the team is sticking to pointing out the better parts in them. The Aces have been feeling lost for some time now as their defense continues to be weak. While we don’t know how Becky Hammon and the squad will solve that issue, we know they have a special connection that will keep them afloat.

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