Clark has struggled since she arrived in the WNBA with the sizable attention on her.

Caitlin Clark remains patient as the Fever work on their team chemistry and try and form a bond with a newly drafted rookie who arrived in the WNBA amidst an awful lot of fanfare.

Following an 88-81 victory over the Mystics, the Fever are riding a three-game win streak, suggesting their fortunes have turned around, and Clark has been at the epicenter of that positive run.

Clark, who posted 18 points and a career-high 12 rebounds, dismissed negative narratives about her team and shared the Fever’s plan to build on their momentum.

Caitlin Clark stands up to her critics: No one came in here and said we were going to be WNBA champions

She’s averaging 16 points, eight rebounds, and seven assists during this win streak, and 17.6 points over her last five games.

“I think everybody just loves instant satisfaction in our world,” Clark declared.

“No one came in here and said we were going to be WNBA Champions from day 1 in our locker room. That was never our goal. Our goal was to get back to the playoffs and we’re fighting for that every single night.

“This is the first time we’ve won four home games in a row since 2015. You have to have perspective on things, and that goes for life too.

“Like, have perspective on life. There just needs to be solid perspective on what this team can accomplish.”

Clark believes the team has faced adversity

Clark continued to address how the Fever have struggled at the start of the season, pointing towards the strength of schedule that her team faced when compared to other WNBA teams.

“Nobody ever hung our heads. We had the hardest schedule to start. We didn’t get to practice much and we’re playing with the most inexperienced team in the WNBA,” Clark added.

“So, I mean, I think this group is starting to click and build some chemistry and it’s one day at a time. But like I said, everybody loves instant satisfaction.

“But, sure, we would have probably loved that too. But I think we all kept a good perspective on knowing we need to get better one step at a time and that’s what we’re going to continue to do even though we’ve won three in a row at home here.”