Diana Taurasi seemingly kept her cold war with Caitlin Clark simmering by trolling the WNBA preseason.

It appears that WNBA legend Diana Taurasi isn’t all that keyed in to how some of the new league players are doing in preseason (including Indiana Fever first-overall pick Caitlin Clark).

The Phoenix Mercury superstar added some seemingly subtle shade to her brewing beef with Clark on Thursday by saying that she doesn’t watch WNBA preseason games ahead of the regular season, per USA TODAY‘s Nancy Armour.

That’s seemingly a very stealthy way of saying that Taurasi is not paying attention to what Clark is doing right now, which is added fuel to the idea that she does not view the former Iowa women’s basketball star as a major threat at the moment.

Taurasi has been vocal about why Clark will get extra attention from the league’s veteran players; it just may not come until the top 2024 WNBA draft pick takes the court in regular season action.

We’re not expecting this on-court animus for Clark to slow down any time soon, as the reigning WNBA stars prepare to show the rookie why it’s still their league to run.