For the last 27 years, the WNBA has been working hard to achieve similar viewership to the Men’s basketball league.

However, this narrative seems to have changed since the arrival of Caitlin Clark. Now, WNBA arenas are filled up to 94%, and most of the matchups are already sold out. Despite bringing massive fandom to the WNBA, Clark is continuously facing criticism from within the league. And while the discussion around the rookie is in full swing, Carmelo Anthony has something to add.

F**k her (Caitlin Clark)We f**king love her (Caitlin Clark), we love her, we want her,” Anthony said, via the 7 PM in Brooklyn podcast. The WNBA, undoubtedly, isn’t easy for Clark, as she has been facing continuous challenges since her arrival such as the physicality of the pro league. While addressing those targeting Clark, Carmelo explained in detail what’s happening with her. “I think she’s targeted in a way that is competitive targeting. It’s like, ‘Oh, I’m going to smoke her, I’m going to bust her.’”

Quite evidently, WNBA women are using fouls as a way to target Clark. Until now, she has been in the limelight for fouls in her matchups. On June 1st against the Chicago Sky, Clark was literally elbowed out by opponent team guard Chennedy Carter. Right after this, Clark hit the hardwood, and everyone was shocked. But the worst part about the incident was Carter appeared unbothered. When asked about her actions, she did not respond.

But Anthony has an answer for these women’s actions. He unveiled, “All these girls in this league know Caitlin Clark is sh**. They know she’s part of the newfound energy in women’s basketball.” Something that is evident in the viewership she has attracted to the WNBA and the $28 million Nike shoe deal she has signed. Though her start in the WNBA wasn’t ideal, recently it is looking brighter for the Fever rookie as she is coming off a third consecutive win averaging 16.3 points and 6.2 assists.

However, Anthony has more to say. According to him, it’s not just Clark being targeted.

Unseen struggles of WNBA rookies

Anthony says that all the rookies are easy targets, and the other WNBA players are targeting them. He mentioned, “I’m sure they feel the same way.” Though Clark has been witnessing intense pressure from her mates due to her popularity, she’s not the only one. On May 25th, during a matchup against the Connecticut Sun, a Chicago Sky rookie had the worst experience.

USA Today via Reuters

In the third quarter, Connecticut Sun’s forward Alyssa Thomas was battling for a rebound against Sky’s forward Reese. That’s when Thomas pushed Reese to the ground by grabbing her by the neck. Immediately, the 2023 MVP runner-up was flagrantly fouled, which left her team shorthanded.

This is exactly similar to what happened with Clark against Connecticut. The only difference is Reese endured physicality, whereas Clark was mocked by DiJonai Carrington. Now the question is: how long will WNBA women continue targeting rookies?

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