Caitlin Clark is being “targeted” because of her race and sexuality. That’s what one political commentator believes, anyway.

Bill Maher believes that other WNBA players are out to get her because of those things. The WNBA is a majority Black league and many of its players are gay.

Caitlin Clark against the Seattle Storm.

“It’s (because) women are catty, the league is very lesbian and she’s not, and there’s race. There’s a lot going on,” Maher said in response to Clark being fouled hard by Chennedy Carter of the Chicago Sky.

“There’s also a racial element to this… it’s not always racism when a white person succeeds.”

Former college basketball head coach Dan Dakich, meanwhile, thinks it’s more about jealousy.

“Of course, she’s being targeted,” Dakich told TMZ Sports.

“There’s a little bit of racism or sexism in there, you know, straight white girl, okay, but that ain’t it to me.”

His wife, a former college softball coach, predicted that many of the league’s players would not have warm reactions to Clark’s arrival.

“(My wife) said you will see incredible pettiness and jealousy,” Dakich said. “We’re seeing a lot of that.”

Why do you think that Clark is being “targeted” by opposing players?