Caitlin Clark in hoodie and Lulu Gribbin on hospital chair

Caitlin Clark and Lulu Gribbin (Photos via ccloveoml/Twitter and Rick Karle Good News/Facebook)
No matter what people have to say about Caitlin Clark, she continues to show that she is a good person who absolutely loves her fans.

The Indiana Fever rookie proved that once again after she found out about a teenager who survived a shark attack in Florida.

15-year-old Lulu Gribbin was attacked by a shark while swimming with her family at Rosemary Beach. She survived, but she ultimately lost her left hand and right leg.

Caitlin Clark heard about her story and made a video after finding out the youngster was a fan of hers.

“Hey, Lulu, it’s Caitlin Clark. I wanted to reach out and send you some encouragement,” Clark said in the video.

“I know you’re going through a little rough patch right now, and I know that you’re a big fan of myself and a big fan of basketball,” Clark continued.

“So I wanted you to know that I’m thinking of you, that I’m praying for you, praying for your family. And I know that you’re a fighter… and you got this.”

Lulu Gribbin was extremely lucky on that fateful day as Dr. Ryan Forbess from Orange Beach, Alabama, and his friend, Dr. Mohammad Ali from Mississippi, just so happened to be in the water with their children when the attack happened back on June 7th.

Forbess told “My friend Dr. Ali and I vacation together yearly at Rosemary Beach, so I was boogie boarding with my son, who was boarding with his daughter,” Forbess told “Then, all of a sudden, we heard a lot of commotion to the left of us while we were in the water. I thought it was probably a shark, but not necessarily a shark attack at that point.”

He added that he and his friend rushed over to help the teenager with her wounds.

“They pulled the girl out onto the beach, and then we were able to start working on getting the blood stopped, and we were able to get tourniquets to secure her airway,” Forbess said.

“She was going in and out of consciousness. She was up talking, but she was in and out.”

After life-saving measures were taken on the beach to save her life, Lulu Gribbin was airlifted to HCA Fort Walton-Destin Hospital and then transported to Ascension Sacred Heart in Pensacola, where she underwent surgery to amputate her leg above the knee and close the wounds.

Caitlin Clark Was Just One of Many To Reach Out To Lulu Gribbin After Shark Attack

Caitlin Clark wasn’t the only sports figure to reach out to teenager Lulu Gribbin, who was attacked by a shark this month in Florida. She has been receiving special videos of support from athletes, coaches, and celebrities all around the country.

Clark was the tip of the iceberg as Eli Manning, Bryce Young, and Nick Saban are also some of the others who reached out as the videos can be seen on the Instagram page for her.