Dawn Staley is among the elites when it comes to women’s college basketball coaching.

But it turns out Staley also has strong dance moves. In a video the South Carolina women’s basketball coach shared on her personal X account (formerly Twitter), she shows off her dance moves along with Sania Feagin, Sakima Walker, Ashley Bruner, and Markeshia Grant. The five are dancing to “Can’t Get Enough,” a 2006 single from Tamia, in the Gamecocks’ gym.

Staley has led South Carolina to three national championships in the past eight years ( 2017, 2022 and 2024).

Dawn Staley shows off dance moves

You can watch Staley’s dance moves here in the clip with Feagin, Walker, Bruner and Grant, which is 1:13 in length:

Staley led the Gamecocks to a national championship in 2024, becoming the first Black coach to lead a team to an undefeated Division I college basketball season (38-0). They defeated Caitlin Clark and Iowa in the national championship game. They also became the 10th team — and the first team since UConn in 2016 — to complete an undefeated season and win the national championship.

Staley has shared a video of her receiving a letter from musical artist Beyonce congratulating her and her team on the national championship. She also has attended Philadelphia 76ers NBA playoff games and talked to the Gamecocks football team ahead of its spring game.