The WNBA has seen a surge in popularity due to the influence of Indiana Fever Caitlin Clark.

Stephen A. Smith

Monica McNutt called out Stephen A Smith on national TV for not covering the WNBA more, specifically highlighting the impact of Caitlin Clark on the sport. McNutt argued that while Clark is helping to grow the league, it’s essential to acknowledge other players’ contributions and ensure fair coverage.

Stephen A Smith defended his show, “First Take,” saying it covers the WNBA and women’s sports more than any other show. However, McNutt pointed out that he could have been promoting the WNBA much earlier and more consistently with his platform.

“Who talks about the WNBA? Who talks about women? Who talks about women’s sports more than First Take?”

Stephen A Smith on First Take

“Stephen A, respectfully, with your platform, you could have been doing this three years ago if you wanted to… I’m talking to you about the power that you have. I’m talking to you.”

Monica McNutt on First Take

The exchange became intense, with Stephen A Smith implying that McNutt might have missed episodes of “First Take” and McNutt countering that three years ago, Smith didn’t discuss the WNBA at the current level. The debate highlighted the need for balanced media representation and recognition of all athletes in the league.

Caitlin Clark’s impact on the WNBA has significantly increased average game attendance and ticket prices. Her presence has drawn attention to the league, and her influence is undeniable. The discussion between McNutt and Smith brought attention to the importance of recognizing individual contributions to the sport and the need for consistent support and coverage of the WNBA.

Fans react to Monica McNutt shutting down Stephen A Smith

It is very rare to see Stephen A Smith being left speechless, especially on his show. The media veteran was in utter shock after being confronted by his co-panelist. The clip from the First Take show is now going viral and fans have had their say on this exchange.

Social media platform X was the epicenter of the comments after the video went viral. One user wrote: “Stephen A’s soul leaves his body after Monica McNutt ethers him about the WNBA.”

A couple of other reactions on social media:

Caitlin Clark’s impressive WNBA rookie stats of 18.5 points, 5.5 rebounds, 5.9 assist per game has showcased her impact. The debate between Monica McNutt and Stephen A Smith however highlights the need for greater recognition and coverage of the WNBA, which in return will empower future players and fans.