LeBron James, Michael Jordan (Image Source: Getty Images)

Celebrity comedian and actor Marlon Wayans discussed how he compares LeBron James to Michael Jordan on “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.” He joked that men should learn to let go of their hair, prompting him to discuss the two sportsmen.

Fans have frequently drawn comparisons between the two greats’ accomplishments and styles of play, but the “White Chicks” actress pointed out humorously.

Marlon Wayans said (1:05): “That’s the difference to me, between Michael Jordan and LeBron [James]. It’s not about basketball. Michael cut his hair. Michael started trends…, and then he cut his hair. I don’t know how LeBron James shoots. If I’m a basketball player and I’m talking nonsense, I’d be talking about his hair all the time, ‘You get that shot, what about all that a** hair on your head, LeBron?’”

Although Jordan had hair when he joined the NBA, he eventually went bald. Most fans now identify the former Chicago Bulls player as an NBA standout who is bald. On the other hand, James has been the target of internet memes due to his hesitation in shaving off his hair.

A Teammate of LeBron James Made Fun of Him for His Thinning Hairline

There is a well-known joke in the league and among supporters regarding LeBron James’s thinning hairline. His teammates know about it as well. When James’ All-Star teammate Anthony Davis joked about the four-time champion’s hairline in April, Davis did not immediately put the brakes on.

The Lakers star’s hairline became Davis’s focal point after a fan created an artwork of her. Davis said, “He’s kind of going bald right there, I kind of see the resemblance. That’s what really gave it away. Everything else, it was tough. But the hair? Right away, Bron.”

LeBron James acknowledged that he was losing hair and expressed amazement at the hair. He compared the drawing to Homer Simpson from the popular cartoon series “The Simpsons.”