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Aces troll Kate Martin hard before Wings clash

All in good fun!

Aces' Kate Martin and then Kelsey Plum and Jackie Young with laughing face emojis

Aces' Kate Martin and then Kelsey Plum and Jackie Young with laughing face emojisLas Vegas Aces rookie Kate “Money” Martin is once again making headlines for being a good sport. Martin has become an instant fan favorite who saw her jersey sell out in just four games. The rook has been putting in work, averaging 21 minutes per game and knocking down a few memorable threes for the defending champions.

But it’s not only the fans who are showing her love.

On and off the court, her teammates continue to shower her with affection … and of course a few pranks.

Who can forget about the iconic reaction from Aces vet Kelsey Plum after Martin fully stopped 6-foot-8 Los Angeles Sparks center Li Yueru in her tracks. The vicious block elicited a roar from Plum that sent the Las Vegas crowd into a frenzy and earned Money Martin a chest bump from Plum Dawg.

Last week, Las Vegas hit the road for the first away games of the season. Per tradition, Martin was handed a rookie backpack to wear throughout the trip. The sparkly backpack sparked excitement on social media. MVP A’ja Wilson orchestrated the nice encounter that eventually went viral. In the video, you can see Wilson and her team of star athletes encourage Martin to say a few words about her new backpack.

“I feel really honored that I get to walk around with this and thank you so much for the opportunity,” Martin said as the team cheered and laughed.

Back on the road Tuesday to take on the Dallas Wings in the WNBA’s fourth annual Commissioner’s Cup, the Aces are once again playfully laughing at Martin’s expense.

On Tuesday evening, the Aces’ Jackie Young posted a video to her Instagram Story of the team bus leaving a running Martin behind.

“Haha nah @KateMartin thought she got left,” Young’s caption reads.

Martin waved, yelled, and sprinted as hard as she could to not get left behind.

Of course, a slew of memes from fans followed.

Thankfully, there was no real crisis. Martin made the bus after receiving a little extra running time.

All good fun ahead of an intense game. The Aces have lost their winning streak but will surely get back on track soon. Hopefully, this added stress reliever will result in more than laughs for the back-to-back champions.

Martin and the Aces will face the Dallas Wings at College Park Center on Wednesday at 8 p.m. ET.