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Las Vegas Aces Rookie Sensation Kate Martin Shines in First Career Start!

Kate Martin of the Las Vegas Aces

YouTube | Las Vegas Aces

Kate Martin’s story just gets better and better!

The Las Vegas Aces rookie, who has a heartwarming draft story, had a historic night Sunday when she had her first WNBA career start and scored a career-high 13 points on 100% shooting from three-point range. Many fans have taken to social media to share their excitement for how her first month in the WNBA is going so far.

Kate Martin Had Her First WNBA Start On Sunday!

Kate Martin

Instagram | Las Vegas Aces
On Sunday, Martin got the opportunity for her first-ever WNBA start. To make the night even better for her, she also scored a career-high 13 points on 100% shooting from three-point range.

During the postgame press conference, Martin sat between star player A’ja Wilson and head coach Becky Hammon.

“I’m sitting next to the best player in the world. And not only is she the best player in the world, she’s the best leader I’ve ever been around,” Martin said about Wilson.

“She brings people together and she has so much confidence in every single person on our team and that just builds in our locker room so much. For the best player in the world to tell me to keep shooting it and stay aggressive, I feel like on top of the world.”

She also said she’s grateful for being on a team that “brings up their rookies.”

“It’s just really cool that I have vets like that, that are gonna support me and they respect me too and we have a lot of fun as well and I don’t think it’s like that everywhere and so I feel really grateful to be part of a team organization that brings up their rookies, and you know they like to mess with me but it’s fun.”

Kate Martin Earned A New Nickname After Sunday’s Performance

Sunday’s game didn’t only see Martin start for the first time and shoot a perfect three of three from three-point range, but she also earned herself a new nickname in the process.

“K$!!!” the Aces captioned a clip of Martin’s impressive performance on Instagram.

During her time playing alongside Caitlin Clark at Iowa, Martin’s nickname was “Money Martin,” so this new nickname is an evolved form of that.

Fans were impressed with her performance and shared their thoughts in the comment section.

“KATE IS GOING OFF TONIGHT,” one person wrote. Another said, “Just love this team. Such great players and energy.”

The rest of the comment section was filled with more praise, excitement, and support for “K$!”

Kate Martin Quickly Became A Fan Favorite!

WNBA fans are loving Martin! Anywhere you look on social media, someone is complimenting her or talking about her heartwarming draft story.

The WNBA shared a video on TikTok a few days ago captioned, ” KATE MARTIN IS COOKIN'” and many fans dropped into the comments to share their thoughts on the start of Martin’s professional basketball career.

“Kate Martin is that girl!!” one person wrote. Another added, “Kate Martin is living the dream right now and proving her worth!” One other fan shared, “I’m so happy for Kate! She is having such a great time with her teammates.”

And there were tons of other similar comments about how great Martin is doing with the Aces and how the team has fully welcomed her.

The Las Vegas Aces Rookie Has A Heartwarming Story!

Kate Martin of the Las Vegas Aces

YouTube | Las Vegas Aces
Martin’s story is a real-life Cinderella story and everyone who knows it simply loves it!

When she went to the WNBA Draft to support her former teammate and friend, Clark, she was seated in the audience because she didn’t expect to hear her name being called. Then a woman working the event approached her and said, “You need to move seats right now.”

That’s when something magical happened and her Cinderella story really took off as she heard her name being called as the No. 18 overall pick by the Aces.

A video of Martin shared by the Aces on their Instagram page has tons of positive and supportive comments for the rookie.

“She’s that quiet gem that’s gonna spark when it’s time. Her team has her back just like she has theirs and her time is coming,” one person shared. Another said, “The fact she almost went un-drafted is wild. Aces knew wtf they were doing as usual.”

‘Rock, Paper, Scissors For Your Shoes? #20’

A teenage Aces fan had an unforgettable experience that involved Martin at last Friday night’s game.

Mercedes Martinez took her daughters to the Aces game, and at the arena, her daughter, Brooklyn, 15, asked for a Martin jersey so she agreed.

“As we headed to our seats, we saw a sign-making station. She asked if she could make one to welcome Kate Martin to the team,” Martinez told The Blast. “I said she should ask her to play rock, paper, scissors to get her attention. Then she made that sign about her shoes.”

Martin saw the sign and played a quick game of rock, paper, scissors with Brooklyn. After the game, she went over to her and signed her newly bought jersey.

“We will never forget what she did and I will forever be grateful to her for the joy she brought to all of us,” Martinez shared. “Go Aces!”