Caitlin Clark FOULED By Dijonai Carrington, Who COMPLAINS It Was A Flop | WNBA Indiana Fever vs Sun


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Refs Are Under Fire After No-Call On Alyssa Thomas’ Dangerous Move Against Caitlin Clark

Indiana Fever star rookie Caitlin Clark flashed her deadly form from deep early in Monday night’s road game against the Connecticut Sun, as she drained an incredible 3-pointer in the face of Sun star Alyssa Thomas in the first quarter.

That got the crowd going even though Clark seemed to have nearly suffered a lower-body injury. Thomas, inadvertently or not, put her left foot under Clark while the latter was still in the air.


Fortunately for Clark and the Fever, she managed to get up and sprint back to the other side of the floor.

Clark was also seen visibly wondering why the refs didn’t call a violation against Thomas, who should have not planted his foot on Clark’s landing space.

Just as upset at the refs were fans online who saw what happened.

“I don’t like to add to the commentary too much, but the refs can’t let this slide. If a player walks under a shooter it needs to be an AUTOMATIC call. The whistle has not been good so far this year.”

“The worst league in the world remains the worst league in the world. Consistency is everything.”

“The refs hate her too. That’s not a foul but if Caitlin breathes on someone it’s a foul. They’re not even hiding it at this point. They’re all against her”