Kate Martin is having the time of her life with the Las Vegas Aces, and it’s because she’s living her dreams while being mentored by two-time WNBA champion A’ja Wilson.

Kate Martin had no idea that the Aces would draft her when she showed up to the 2024 Draft to support Caitlin Clark. But since that moment, her coaches and teammates, including A’ja Wilson, have openly welcomed her into the Aces’ family culture.

A’ja may joke with Kate off the court, but when it comes to basketball, Wilson’s leadership has tremendously helped Martin’s transition to the league. For The Win recently sat down with Kate Martin to talk about why her relationship with A’ja Wilson has been so impactful.

“She’s a great leader.” Martin said. “She brings everybody else up around her… That’s the kind of leader she is. She’s always encouraging me, telling me to believe in myself, and that’s the family culture I talked about.”

“They want to see each of us do good, and she wants to see the best in me. She wants me to believe in myself and take advantage of the opportunities that I have on the court. I think that’s just super cool to see a veteran, who’s the best player in the world, instill that confidence in myself.”



It seems that because of A’ja’s mentorship and the support from the rest of the team, Kate has absolutely nailed her rookie assignment — make the roster and ball out. Moreover, she says that there’s a reason why she looks so happy whenever cameras are nearby.

“I’m living out my dream right now,” Martin said. “I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else, and I’m with a super special group of girls who I really enjoy being around and really amazing coaches. So, I actually couldn’t ask for anything more.”