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Angel Reese Says She Had to Make Significant Lifestyle Change at LSU After National Title

The junior has signed various NIL deals and raked up millions of social media followers in just a few months.

Angel Reese’s popularity in the college basketball world has continuously soared after she helped LSU to a national title back in April.

The forward is now somewhat of a celebrity, especially after signing various NIL deals, raking up millions of followers on social media, throwing out the first pitch at the Orioles game and appearing in a Cardi B music video.

All of this recognition has made Reese decide to take online classes at LSU instead of attending in person. This choice was determined because of how recognizable Reese has become on campus, and how much the junior wants to prioritize her schooling.

“I don’t feel like I’m a celebrity, but I think a lot of people look at me as a celebrity now because of the impact I’ve had on not just women’s basketball, but sports in general, and Black women,” Reese told Teen Vogue’s Lee Faye Cooper in a recent interview. “Things have changed for me.

“School’s first, basketball is next. I wouldn’t be here without school and basketball, so that’s my priority.”

During the women’s NCAA tournament this past spring, Reese finished with a double-double in all of LSU’s six games, including in the title game vs. Iowa.

LSU fans will get to see Reese on the court soon, and the forward has already promised fans that “another natty is coming.”