WNBA fans go wild as video of Angel Reese allegedly dropping her iconic f-bomb for first time go viral: “Baby settling in”

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Angel Reese’s first f-bomb in the WNBA goes viral with WNBA fans

Aside from Fever guard Caitlin Clark and Sparks forward Cameron Brink, Angel Reese has established herself as one of the rookies to watch out for. Her confidence and competitive nature in the sport were highlighted in a viral clip of her allegedly dropping an f-bomb against an opponent.

The incident occurred during Sky’s 89-80 loss against the Atlanta Dream on Saturday night. Reese finished the game with a double-double performance of 13 points and 13 rebounds. After she tried to convert a post-up shot over Naz Hillmon, the shot ended up getting blocked. From that point, the Sky rookie’s confidence remained unfazed as she briefly exchanged some trash talk.

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The video was shared on X by user BullsKickAss (@Bullskickass) and user AccaliaAma (@AfricanPoca) provided what Angel Reese said in the back-and-forth incident. Following the post, numerous NBA fans shared their enthusiastic reactions.

“Baby settling in.”

Meanwhile, X user JaxJax (@Jax92jax) credited how Angel Reese has adjusted to the game in the WNBA.

“She’s comfortable now, she will finally start going crazy. Off-season, I hope she works with A’ja. … She start finishing when she goes up, she’ll be dominant for a while,” the fan posted.

“She a natural dawg,” another fan said.

Another fan is coming off the notion that this is just the first of multiple instances where the rookie showcases this side of herself on the court.

“The first of many,” the fan said.

“They grow up so fast,” another fan said.

One fan is looking forward to when Reese adds more to her trash-talking style in the league.

“I’m waiting [for] her to hit her first ‘too small’ in the league,” the fan said.

As Reese is slowly making her presence as a walking double-double in the league known, the trash-talking habits are also starting to follow suit.