Dave Portnoy calls Netflix “gutless” for editing out Kim Kardashian getting booed during Tom Brady’s roast

American businessman Dave Portnoy like many others is still hungover from the roast of American former football quarterback Tom Brady on Netflix. The Barstool Sports founder aimed at the streaming giant editing out Kim Kardashian’s content during the roast. Netflix streamed the entire 3-hour plus roast labeling it as the ‘Greatest Roast of All Time’ live from Kia Forum in Inglewood, California.

During the live stream, when comedian Kevin Hart introduced Kim K, there were boos from the crowd. And these boos heightened as soon as she stepped up to the podium with a champagne glass in her hand. The in-arena audience continued booing, without Kim K uttering a single word. Hart had to request the audience to calm down.

This entire segment has been removed from Netflix’s final version of Brady’s roast. Kim K takes the stage and starts her set in the edited version. This decision irked Portnoy so much that he posted a story with a screenshot of the news on Instagram and wrote:

“Gutless @netflixisajoke”

Dave Portnoy shares his thoughts on Instagram about Kim Kardashian's edited moment from the roastDave Portnoy shares his thoughts on Instagram about Kim Kardashian’s edited moment from the roast
So far, this is the only major edit that Netflix has done on the roast. As per TMZ, the streaming giants did not comment on this story. After the roast, Kardashian’s moment on the stage went viral apart from a barrage of jokes aimed at Gisele Bündchen, Brady’s ex-wife.

Dave Portnoy enjoyed the booing

Since it was a live-streamed roast, a first in history, there were bound to be a few unexpected incidents. And Kim Kardashian being booed was one the finest for Barstool Sports president Dave Portnoy. He tweeted his feelings on the entire incident on X (previously Twitter):

“Kardashian got booed like Goodell after the Pats won the Super Bowl. Kevin Hart had to legit tell people to stop. I f****ng love it. She also sucked and read the teleprompter like a robot.”

However, this is not his only tweet on the Netflix special. Portnoy tweeted the entire time of the roast.