VIDEO: Diana Taurasi Hit One Notable WNBA Rookie With A Nasty Reality Check As She Bullied Her During Preseason Game

Diana Taurasi with her arms open

Diana Taurasi (Photo by Chris Coduto/Getty Images)
Diana Taurasi has a point to prove against rookies in the WNBA this season and has gotten down to it in quick time as she made an example against one of them during a preseason fixture on Tuesday night.

With the Phoenix Mercury squaring off against the Seattle Storm on the night, Taurasi got to face Croatian sensation Nika Muhl, who saw her popularity soar during the NCAA Tournament, especially after she locked Caitlin Clark up on defense during UConn’s Final Four clash against Iowa.

Taurasi, who warned Clark and the rest of the 2024 rookie class that “reality is coming,” bullied Muhl during her 40-minute outing, having gotten roasted online following the former Hawkeyes star’s debut on the weekend.

The veteran has always been keen on going hard at rookies and did so vs. Muhl on Tuesday, with one particular play standing out as she put a body on the young Croatian for a layup. She finished through the contact and looked down at her floored counterpart as if to let her know that reality had indeed hit.

Diana Taurasi Really Wants Caitlin Clark

The Mercury also hyped up the supposed beef between Taurasi and the entire rookie class with its video caption.

Still, Muhl’s Storm came out on top, blowing Phoenix out 85-59.

The two players met up after the game to have a friendly chat, putting their Huskies ties on show, with Muhl claiming the older star was “pushing me all over the court.” 

Taurasi told Muhl she had been “waiting for” her.

Diana Taurasi is out for Caitlin Clark, however, and will have her first opportunity to school the WNBA’s newcomer when their teams clash on June 30.