In recent months, Sean “Diddy” Combs, the hip-hop billionaire who played a major role in commercializing rap, has become the subject of several civil suits accusing him of sexual misconduct, including rape and assault.

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For many years, Combs represented affluence as he turned his stake in the Bad Boy Entertainment record label he founded into an empire that extended to fashion, media, liquor and beyond. “Whatever I want, I have to I get,” he yelled in a clip from his 2017 documentary, Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop, after smashing things on his desk.

Diddy punches Drake 'three times' during brawl outside Miami club: sources  – New York Daily News

What was initially seen as a fodder for the grindset from the ultimate hustler mogul now feels more like evidence of an aggressive, domineering disposition, one in line with the vicious person depicted in the filings.

A timeline of allegations against Sean Combs : NPR

A timeline of these events, dating back 30 years, juxtaposed with milestones from Combs’ career, displays not only a chilling history of alleged violent behavior but the way power and celebrity have shielded him.