VIDEO: Everyone Thinks Taylor Swift Stole Travis Kelce’s Dance Move During Her ‘Eras Tour’ Performance

Travis Kelce dancing in uniform. Taylor Swift dancing on stage.

Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift (Photos via cowboylikedanii/Twitter)
Taylor Swift is back on stage for her Eras tour following a two-month hiatus.

Swift went viral on social media during the Paris show as fans noticed she pulled out a notable dance move during one of her epic performances.

In a video uploaded on TikTok, Taylor appears onstage in a completely white outfit. The global superstar was in the midst of performing ‘So High School’ from her new album, The Tortured Poets Department, when fans noticed that she stole a move from Travis Kelce.

This is one of those songs about him, according to Eonline, so it made sense.

That wasn’t all, as another clip shared on TikTok showed Taylor Swift and her dancers sitting on bleachers while performing “So High School,” and they all gave a subtle nod to his NFL team’s tradition of swag surfing when celebrating a touchdown—a custom she’s also joined in on while cheering him on at games.

Taylor has made other non-Travis-related adjustments to her Eras Tour, such as deleting songs like “Long Live,” “The Archer,” and “The 1” to make place for her additions, as well as introducing various new clothes, including a dazzling red bodysuit for the Lover segment.

Here is how fans reacted to the moment:


Taylor Swift Spotted Swag Surfin’ During Kansas City Chiefs Game

Taylor Swift (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)
In her performance this week, Taylor Swift and her dancers broke into a ‘swag surf’ – a signature move by Kansas City fans at Arrowhead Stadium. This was hardly her first time doing the popular dance move.

The singer was in Kansas City in January to support Travis Kelce and the Chiefs in the NFL playoffs, and she was seen not only wearing an iconic puffer jacket with Kelce’s number on it, but also getting into the spirit and joining the fans in a dance that has become a ritual at Arrowhead Stadium.

When F.L.Y.’s “Swag Surfin’” plays on the Chiefs’ home turf, an official dance break breaks out, and Swift promptly joins in.