A legal battle is raging in court as 50 Cent tries to get his hands on the house of a man who embezzled $2 million from his liquor business, Sire Spirits.

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Will 50 Cent successfully seize an embezzler’s property? That’s a question a Connecticut court is pondering as mogul 50 Cent attempts to seize the house of one of his former employees.

50 Cent is currently embroiled in a legal dispute with Mitchell Green over the potential seizure of Green’s house. The dispute stems from a $2 million embezzlement scheme from 50 Cent’s company, Sire Spirits.

Green’s admission of guilt to wire fraud charges and an arbitrator’s previous ruling against him regarding the embezzlement has only solidified Sire Spirits’ stance in pursuing strict penalties, including asset recovery.

The argument is over whether Green should be allowed to claim exemptions to safeguard his assets despite his admitted financial misconduct against the liquor business.

The heated legal conflict is unfolding at the United States Bankruptcy Court District of Connecticut, where Sire Spirits has challenged Green’s right to these exemptions after he filed for bankruptcy to protect his assets from Fif.

The dispute centers on the applicability of Connecticut’s homestead exemption, which typically allows a $250,000 protection, reduced to $75,000 in cases tied to acts of willful misconduct.

Sire Spirits argues that Green’s deliberate fraud should disqualify him from any protective exemptions, which could leave his residence vulnerable to being claimed to settle the financial damages he caused.

As the court deliberates on whether the reduced exemption applies, Green’s residential future hangs in the balance.

Moreover, Sire Spirits has raised an additional legal question concerning whether Green could exempt personal property purchased or enhanced through his fraudulent activities.

They posit that such properties should not be included in Green’s bankruptcy estate as they rightfully belong to Sire Spirits.

These court proceedings are pretty significant as they affect the involved parties and could set a precedent concerning how exemption laws are applied in cases of employee embezzlement and fraud.

The ultimate decision will reveal how much a creditor, such as 50 Cent, can recover assets from fraudulent activities against their business.

50 Cent has vowed to get Green’s assets. He claims Green’s scheme was part of a broader plan by key employees at Beam Suntory to overcharge Sire Spirits by as much as $6 million and cause the company’s collapse to conceal the fraud.

He even took to Instagram and talked about his changes to the residence, suggesting he would keep Green’s family pictures in the house.