VIDEO: Former NFL WR Antonio Brown Opens Up About His Beef With Caitlin Clark, Issues Heartfelt Statement Before Taking One Brutal Final Shot At Her Private Parts

Caitlin Clark in uniform. Antonio Brown sitting on couch

Caitlin Clark and Antonio Brown (Photos via Getty Images and JasonWhitlock/Twitter)
After making an attempt to express regret to Caitlin Clark, Antonio Brown took yet another vile jab at the WNBA star this week.

Brown was one of many who congratulated the Hawkeyes shooter when she broke the NCAA record for points scored, but he did so by sharing a GIF of the long-haired actor Mel Gibson.

After learning that she had blocked him on X, Brown went on to refer to the former Iowa Hawkeyes player as the “Cracker of the Day” on social media. Brown has been attempting to put an end to the feud over the past week by attending Clark’s WNBA preseason debut and posting positive remarks about her WNBA performance on social media.

But then, out of the blue, he posted a photo of Nicole Kidman at the Met Gala in an attempt to mock her.

The former NFL receiver finally discussed his issues with Caitlin Clark on Jason Whitlock’s program.

“Caitlin Clark, we love you. There’s no drama here. I’m excited about what you’re gonna do for women’s basketball,” Brown said, via Fox News, “You’re an amazing player. I love to watch your game, and you bring a lot of excitement and energy.”

“When people like me in the media bring an awareness to you, maybe in the wrong or the right, it’s all in positivity. It’s all fun and games. Continue to be great. Continue to keep focused on being the best athlete you want to be. Continue to lead women’s sports,” Brown continued.

Brown later said his made-up network, CTESPN, “would love to have you talk, express what you deal with, your traumas, your adversities, how you continue to be great,” saying his comments about Clark were “all in fun and games.” 

Brown finished by saying, “Shoutout to you, Caitlin Clark. And if it’s hairy, don’t worry about it.”

Caitlin Clark Refuses To Respond Back To Antonio Brown

Caitlin Clark (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)
Clark has a lot on her plate, and none of it has to do with Antonio Brown.

After so much negative trolling on social media, the Indiana Fever star just blocked him and moved on with her professional career.

Her responding to Brown would ultimately give him what he wants.

Clark has bigger things to do as she will make her WNBA regular season debut on Tuesday, May 14th, against the Connecticut Sun.