VIDEO: Four-Time WNBA Champion Sheryl Swoopes Calls Caitlin Clark A “Bully” & Claims She Didn’t Really Break The NCAA Scoring Record In Hate-Filled Rant

Caitlin Clark in uniform. Sheryl Swoopes throwing pitch at Astros game

Caitlin Clark and Sheryl Swoopes (Photos via Getty Images)
Houston Comets legend Sheryl Swoopes has been the target of hate due to her previous comments about Caitlin Clark. Although that has died down, she is back at it with another strong take on the Indiana Fever guard.

The latest controversy surrounding Caitlin Clark is the previous game in which Chicago Sky rookie Angel Reese tried to block her shot from behind but hit her on the head instead. After a review by the refs, the foul was upgraded to flagrant.

During a recent episode of Gil’s Arena, former NBA star Gilbert Arenas said Reese has embraced her role as a “bully,” but WNBA legend Sheryl Swoopes, a guest on the show, quickly dismissed that notion.

She would not only disagree with his statement but also state that Indiana Fever guard Caitlin Clark was the true bully.

“[Reese is] not a bully… If you want to talk about bullies, we can talk about every time Caitlin has the ball she pushes off,” Swoopes said. “I’m just saying.”

WNBA Legend Sheryl Swoopes Took Previous Swipe at Caitlin Clark

WNBA fans weren’t happy with Sheryl Swoopes for her comments regarding Caitlin Clark earlier this year.

While approaching the NCAA Division I women’s basketball career scoring record, Swoopes incorrectly said Clark was in her fifth season with the Hawkeyes, compared to Plum, who achieved the record in four seasons.

“If Kelsey Plum set that record in four years, well, Caitlin should’ve broke that record in four years,” Swoopes said on Gilbert Arenas show. “But because there’s a COVID year, and then there’s another year, you know what I mean? So she’s already had an extra year to break that record. So, is it truly a broken record? I don’t know. I don’t think so. But yeah, that’ll go in the record books. And, I don’t think it should be.”

Swoopes also said Clark takes “40 shots a game.”

She would eventually walk back her comments and state she “made a mistake” with what she said.

Swoopes shared how she reached out to Clark through an intermediary, LSU star Angel Reese.

“A couple of weeks ago, I reached out to (Reese) and had a really good conversation with Angel over the phone and sent a message to Caitlin. She responded. She and I went back and forth,” Swoopes said during the broadcast. “I won’t share what she said, I’ll leave that to her if she wants to share. But I will say, what I said to her was, ‘I made a mistake in saying it was your fifth year when it is your fourth.’”

“I have nothing but respect for what she has done for the game. If she wants to share what her response was and how that conversation went, I’ll leave that to her. But it was a really good conversation.”

The rivalry between Reese and Clark will reach even more new heights as the two of them will face off at least two more times in 2024 in the regular season.