The Aces have shown their strengths throughout the floor and their dominance across the league. But despite A’ja Wilson in her best form so far, the effort is not enough for a three-peat mission. Becky Hammon has been speaking about the team’s defense being a huge problem for them. After the Aces lose three games in a row for the first time under the coach, fans are pointing fingers.

Tonight, once again Michelob ULTRA Arena returned sad as the Lynx got the better of the home team. Although A’ja Wilson gave a game-high 28 pints for her squad, their defense in the overall game lost. Minnesota won the game 86-100 and is now ranking highest in the Western Conference. Surprisingly, the 2x reigning champions with a pretty well start, are not looking like they are in their skin anymore.

Las Vegas waived off Dyaisha Fair, NCAA’s third all-time leading scorer after four games into the season. The reason being, she was not good at defense, something the team wanted to build on. This proves that Becky Hammon already knew the issue. Despite bringing in Tiffany Hayes, things have not changed and the fans are not keeping their patience anymore.

Fans point blame at Becky Hammon as A’ja Wilson and the Aces lose again

Yesterday, four of the Aces’ players heard great news about being selected for the Team USA for the 2024 Pairs Olympics. However, looks like that was the only good news the fans received. Losing a game with a landslide with the up-and-coming great team Minnesota Lynx has given the squad a reality check. Following the same, one fan had a suggestion for the team. They pointed out that Chelsea Gray is not playing for them currently but the team should still be able to pull off better results. The 5-5 win-loss record clearly is not settling well with the fan.

Becky Hammon has been a part of the Aces for two years now. Both times, the franchise brought home a world championship along with multiple awards for the players. While they have seen some lows, a fan mentioned how the 3-game losing streak is the lowest of lows that the champions have reached.

One Las Vegas fan brought out the Player of the Week for the Western Conference and former Aces’ star Dearica Hamby. Apparently, she has mentioned before that A’ja Wilson gets some good calls. They also blamed the head coach for the team’s “lost” defense. Adding more, they sought their relief in the fact that even Kelsey Plum who has reached as high as 24 points in the last two losses was not able to get to A’ja Wilson’s score of 28 points.

Another Las Vegas fan joined the conversation to point out at the bench. While they said that the coach needs to get some help for A’ja Wilson in the post, they also mentioned that a few members should be waived off. In their list, they had Kiersten Bell, and Sydney Colson who are not playing currently due to injuries. According to them, they are just benchwarmers that Hammon cannot even use to aid the team.

A WNBA fan came up to say how the Minnesota Lynx had Becky Hammon in hell last night. The team’s defense was quite visibly breaking down as the visitors added one more bucket to their scoreboard. Simultaneously, Hammon was screaming at the top of her lungs to get the backcourt to work on their defense.

The times are not great for the reigning champions. Seems like despite the addition of Jackie Young and other players who have worked out quite well on the offense, A’ja Wilson needs more troops to stand tall against her. Only time can tell how the Aces will cope with this issue.