Photos of Jason Kelce and Tom BradyJason Kelce and Tom Brady (Photos via @newheightshow/Twitter and Getty images)
It’s safe to say that Jason Kelce won’t be getting roasted in front of a worldwide audience anytime soon, as he’s suggested that he doesn’t know why anyone would subject him or herself to such a thing.

The former Philadelphia Eagles center discussed Tom Brady’s Netflix roast with his brother Travis on their ‘New Heights’ podcast this week and was confused over the ex-quarterback allowing himself to be roasted, though he found the entire thing funny.

Jason was also chuffed by Brady’s former teammates showing up for him the way they did.

“It was pure entertainment and I’m really happy they did it but I just don’t get the roasts,” he said. “I don’t know why people do it. Maybe I take myself too seriously … It was star-studded. The best part about it was how many just iconic NFL and celebrities of immense stature that were there.

“Not to mention the entire Patriots dynasty showing up for Tom. That being said, I really don’t F- Ing get it. I don’t get why people do roasts. I don’t get why they are a thing. Haha, yeah, my family’s ruined, it’s so funny, everyone’s laughing, it’s great, we’re having fun, yeah right.’”

Tom Brady Was A Good Sport For Most Of The Roast

Brady found himself on the end of some wicked barbs, with his divorce from Gisele Bundchen and her new relationship among the many jokes. Still, the seven-time Super Bowl winner was only miffed after Jeff Ross took a shot at Patriots owner Robert Kraft.

While Brady was fine with the divorce jokes, his ex-wife reportedly did not take them very well, with sources claiming she was upset after hearing them.

Jason Kelce Might Do It For $30 Million

While Jason Kelce does not get why roasts are a thing, the former center suggested he would be open to one if Netflix paid him some millions.

He referenced one of the crypto jokes Brady fielded during the event, suggesting it was why the 46-year-old oped to get roasted in the first place, so he could make his money back.

“I take it back. I’ll do a roast. What’d you guys pay Tom?” He joked.

Travis Kelce, among the new betting favorites to be roasted next, seems way more open to it and would want Nikki Glaser there if it ever came to fruition.