Jason Kelce Says Brother Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift’s Fame Is On Another Level: ‘You Can’t Be a Normal Person at That Point’

The retired NFL champ said he and wife Kylie have it bad, but when they hang with Traylor it’s “a whole other situation.”

Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift

Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift arrive at SNL Afterparty on Oct. 15, 2023 in New York City.Gotham/GC Images

Jason Kelce was a Super Bowl champ, a seven-time Pro Bowl selection and retired last year after 13 seasons as one of the NFL‘s most reliable, indomitable centers to ever play the game. But in a recent appearance on comedian Andrew Santino’s Whiskey Ginger podcast, the second-most-famous Kelce said that his, and his family’s life, have definitely been given a make-over thanks to brother Travis Kelce‘s high-profile relationship with Taylor Swift.

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Santino asked how Jason’s wife, Kylie Kelce, has been handling the spotlight since her brother-in-law began dating the biggest pop star in the world last summer and if she finds the added scrutiny to be annoying or kind of fun. “I think it’s both,” Jason said, noting that the Prime Video documentary Kelce following her husband’s 2022-2023 season with the Philadelphia Eagles may have helped prime Kylie for the avalanche of attention; the doc debuted in September, right around the time Swift and Travis Kelce made their romance official.

“I think she’s a little big uncomfortable with, I guess, how much it’s become and our family’s out there, like people know what our kids look like,” he said of the couple’s three young daughters. “We’ve tried to retract from that a little bit. But I think she enjoys the fact that she gets to go and do charitable outings and she gets to give back to the community.”

That said, they both understand that the scrutiny comes with the territory of fame and even if it gets to be “too much” at times, Jason said the microscope on his younger brother is beyond anything he could imagine. “Travis and Taylor have taken it to another level and that’s a whole other side of it,” said Jason. “Kylie and I think we have it bad, and then we go hang out with one of them for a second. This is a whole other situation here. I don’t even know how to, like… you can’t be a normal person at that point.”

Despite the more intense spotlight, Jason said he hasn’t seen Travis turn into someone else. “I haven’t seen him change one bit,” Jason Kelce said of his three-time Super Bowl-winning brother. “I think it’s a compliment. He stayed true to himself. He’s still humble. He treats everyone with the utmost respect, like they’re equals regardless of who they are.”

Travis echoed that emotion in a Good Morning America interview last week, in which he said that he’s always been a “very grounded guy” and that he’s “so fortunate, so grateful” for all the opportunities that have come his way lately.

Watch Jason Kelce talk about fame and navigating the Traylor attention below.