The Bieber family is expanding, and Pattie Mallette couldn’t be happier. Following the announcement from her son Justin Bieber and daughter-in-law Hailey Bieber about their first child, Mallette took to Instagram to share her excitement with her 1.7 million followers.

In a heartwarming post captioned ‘BABY BIEBER IS ON THE WAY!!’, Mallette expressed her joy at becoming a grandmother for the first time. Having raised Justin mostly as a single parent in Toronto, Mallette’s anticipation for this new chapter in their lives was evident as she gushed about the forthcoming addition to the family.

In a video clip shared on her Instagram, Mallette radiated happiness as she sat in a vehicle, sharing her enthusiasm with her followers. “So I have been waiting for this day and now that they have shared it I can finally celebrate with y’all,” she exclaimed, visibly elated at the prospect of becoming a grandma. She confidently predicted that Justin and Hailey would excel as parents, expressing her heartfelt belief that they would be “the best parents ever.”

Dressed in a stylish black floral pattern dress, Mallette appeared positively glowing as she shared her excitement with the world. Her close bond with Hailey was also evident, as Hailey previously extended birthday wishes to her mother-in-law, expressing gratitude for having such an amazing mom in her life.

Mallette posed with Justin and Hailey at an event in LA on January 27, 2020

Justin himself shared the news with his massive following on Instagram, accompanied by an image and video revealing Hailey’s baby bump. The couple had initially shared the clip during their wedding vow renewal ceremony in Hawaii, symbolizing the joyous occasion with their fans.

Mallette posed with Justin and Hailey at an event in LA on January 27, 2020

As the Bieber family prepares to welcome its newest member, fans and well-wishers eagerly anticipate the arrival of Baby Bieber. With Hailey reportedly over six months pregnant, the countdown to the newest addition to the family has officially begun. Pattie Mallette’s overflowing excitement and unwavering support underscore the joyous anticipation surrounding this momentous occasion for the Bieber clan.