Kim Mulkey allegedly covered up big incident involving Angel Reese and instructed the team to turn off cellphones

Players were instructed to turn off their phones

Kim Mulkey allegedly covered up incident involving Angel Reese

Kim Mulkey allegedly covered up incident involving Angel Reese

In a recent report concerning LSU’s basketball program, a serious altercation involving player Angel Reese has surfaced. Allegedly occurring during LSU’s hosting of prospective recruits, the incident has raised questions about how head coach Kim Mulkey handled the situation.

The story, initially hinted at by Mulkey herself amidst threats of legal action against the Washington Post, has now come to light through uncovered emails and testimonies.

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According to sources cited by USA TODAY, one particular incident involved Angel Reese, a standout player for LSU. It’s alleged that Reese was involved in a physical altercation while the university was hosting potential recruits. Following this incident, Mulkeyreportedly convened a team meeting where players were instructed to turn off their phones and keep them in a separate room.

Did Kim Mulkey help Angel Reese ‘hush up’ a fight?

The fallout from Mulkey’s actions during this meeting reportedly left attendees less than impressed, with sentiments of discontent and disappointment reverberating through the team. The situation was detailed in correspondence between journalist Kent Babb and LSU officials, shedding light on the tense atmosphere within the program during the 2022 season.


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Amidst the unfolding controversy, efforts to reach both Angel Reese, now a player for the WNBA’s Chicago Sky, and LSU officials for comment have yielded no responses. Reese, who joined LSU ahead of the 2022-23 season following a successful stint with the Maryland Terrapins, arrived amidst high expectations as the team enjoyed an undefeated start under Mulkey’s leadership.

Despite the off-court challenges, LSU’s basketball program thrived on the court throughout the season, boasting an impressive record of 34 wins against only 2 losses and securing a historic national championship victory in Dallas. Mulkey’s tenure at LSU has been marked by both triumphs and controversies, underscoring the complexities of her leadership style and its impact on the team’s journey to collegiate basketball glory.