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Steelers Are To Blame For New NFL Dynasty: "That Sparked Kansas City To Go Get Patrick Mahomes"

Steelers Are To Blame For New NFL Dynasty: “That Sparked Kansas City To Go Get Patrick Mahomes”

The Pittsburgh Steelers‘ organization was one of the few, true dynasties that has existed throughout NFL history. They were at the top of the NFL throughout the 1970s, and also won two Super Bowls in the 2000s. Other dynasties that have existed include the San Francisco 49ers in the 1980s, the Dallas Cowboys in the 1990s, and the New England Patriots during the early 2000s and the late-2010s. Everyone has a different definition for a dynasty. It should be considered to be clear domination over the league, or winning three Super Bowls or more in a six year span.


Steelers Hines Ward


Former Steelers wide receiver Hines Ward (#86) celebrates his infamous touchdown catch against the Seattle Seahawks thrown by Antwaan Randle El in Super Bowl XL in Detroit, MI.

The newest dynasty in the NFL is the Kansas City Chiefs. In the last five seasons, they have represented the AFC in the Super Bowl four times, and won three of them. They will have an opportunity to three-peat in the 2024 season, which is something no NFL team has ever done. A big part of their dynasty is Patrick Mahomes, who has been the best quarterback in the league since he became the starter in 2018. Mike Florio accused the Steelers of being the reason the Chiefs went and acquired Mahomes during a recent episode of Pro Football Talk.

“On one hand, it is very easy for the Steelers to have stability when they are always relevant, but, they haven’t won a playoff game since that win over the Chiefs that sparked Kansas City to go and get Patrick Mahomes.”


Pittsburgh’s last playoff win came at the end of the 2016 season during the Divisional Round against the Chiefs. Mahomes was still at Texas Tech, and the starting quarterback for Kansas City was Alex Smith. Smith is infamous for his “game manager” title, which just meant he took what the defense gave him. The Chiefs wouldn’t lose because of him, but they wouldn’t win because of him either.

Steelers Ryan Shazier


Steelers’ former linebacker, Ryan Shazier (#50) celebrates during a January football game against the Kansas City Chiefs.

The Steelers would end up winning the game by a score of 18-16, with all of Pittsburgh points coming off of Chris Boswell field goals. This likely opened the eyes of Kansas City, as they probably win that game if they had more than a game manager at quarterback. Smith wasn’t the kind of player that could bring a team to a Super Bowl, and the Chiefs decided they needed to go find somebody who could.

In comes the 2017 NFL Draft. Mahomes’ name kept flying up draft boards as the event grew closer. Kansas City was given the 27th overall pick since they lost in the Divisional Round, but they traded up with the Buffalo Bills to acquire the 10th overall pick. They used the pick on Mahomes, and wound up giving Buffalo a haul of the 27th pick, a third round pick, and their first round pick in 2018.


Three Lombardi Trophies later, it is safe to say the trade worked out for Kansas City. There is a strong chance they wouldn’t have even considered a quarterback in the first round had it not been for losing to Pittsburgh on only field goals the season prior.

Steelers' Patrick Mahomes


Patrick Mahomes throws the ball while the Steelers’ defense rushes him.

Steelers Will Look To Put An End To The Chiefs Dynasty In 2024


If an organization plays in the AFC and has Super Bowl aspirations, it is a given that they will need to get through the Chiefs. Mahomes has lost just three games in the postseason throughout his career, and has never failed to make it to the AFC Championship Game. With the Steelers’ new additions, new offense, and rejuvenated coaching staff, they are expected to perform much better in 2024.

Pittsburgh has one of the toughest schedules in the league, which includes a game against the Chiefs on Christmas Day. This game will likely be crucial for Pittsburgh and it’s playoff hopes, as well as seeding in the AFC. If Pittsburgh plans to meet its goal of capturing it’s seventh Lombardi, they need to find a sure fire way to take down the Chiefs.

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