Gia Duddy posing for the camera

Gia Duddy (Photo via giaduddy/IG)
Gia Duddy, the ex-girlfriend of Tennessee Titans quarterback Will Levis, is moving right along following what must have been a very rough week.

Private videos featuring the former couple have leaked online, showing them performing some very raunchy acts.

Said videos could be found on various social media platforms via a diligent search, but we won’t show or link to them here for obvious reasons. While many of the clips have been taken down, users keep posting them back, so it might be a while before the platforms get a handle on this.

The internet didn’t take long to identify Gia, who went viral during the first round of the 2023 NFL Draft and dominated Google searches on the night.

As noted above, she has returned to social media with her first post since the leaks, which can be seen below. Check it out:

Will Levis And Gia Duddy Broke Up After He Got Drafted

Will Levis and Gia Duddy were the talk of the NFL Draft last year, though for different reasons. But they had become a popular item even in the buildup to the event, having been together since his days at Penn State.

They broke up sometime last season, leaving the QB with no idea how to be a bachelor. Apparently, a three-year relationship is enough for someone to forget how to be single.

“It’s been good, I mean, it’s something I’m not used to,” he told The Spun earlier this year. “I was with her for pretty much three years, so it’s something I’m still trying to navigate and figure out.”

Levis is headed into his second season with the Titans after they went 6-11 in 2023. He passed for 1,808 yards, eight touchdowns, and four interceptions in nine games.