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“Angel was about to bite down” – WNBA fans are abuzz over Angel Reese chirping at Naz Hillmon

Chicago Sky v Indiana FeverWNBA fans are abuzz over Angel Reese chirping at Naz Hillmon
Angel Reese and Naz Hillmon were involved in a heated exchange. WNBA fans shared their two cents about the Chicago Sky rookie getting into it with the Atlanta Dream forward when the two teams met at the Wintrust Arena on Saturday night. The Dream won 89-80 despite Reese’s double-double, but the highlight was her trash-talk sequence with Hamilton throughout the game.

With 4:31 left in the quarter and the Sky trailing 78-75, Reese’s attempt to get to the basket was thwarted by some lockdown defense by Hillmon, and the latter appeared to have said a few words to the LSU product, who fired back at her.

This had fans reacting almost immediately on Twitter/X as one of them tweeted:

“Shawty Thought Angel Was Bout To Bite Down 🤫 Angel Hit With That Mhmm Mmm”

@goatofgoats_MMA focused on Marina Mabrey as well.

“Mabrey with the “settle your tea kettle, missy””

The focus was back on Reese soon after as @edelen121 said:

“Reese is not going back down”

@coldblooded804 added:

“I love the comrade of the Sky. It isn’t resulting in wins yet but you can see the building blocks.”

@worldofmucisx explained the scenario for those who missed the ‘why’ between the two stars going at it.

“Reese made a shot on hillmon and got cocky. then Hillmon blocked her and Reese didn’t like it. 🤷🏽‍♀️ eRese also got into foul trouble after shooting on Hillmon.”

@hardway tweeted:

“#AngelReese laughed at her.”

Angel Reese ended with 13 points and as many rebounds. The Sky’s latest loss sees them hit their third loss in four games to slip to 4-6 in the WNBA standings.