VIDEO: Some Dude Just Dropped The Cold Hard Truth On Why All Of These NFL Draft Prospects Are “Dating White Women”

Unless this is your first day in America, then you know race relations in this country dominate just everything, and that includes NBA and NFL drafts.


During the most recent NFL Draft in Detroit, social media was buzzing as athletes showed up to the red carpet event with their girlfriends and family. Many of the incoming NFL rookies were African-American and were spotted with white women, which has become the usual theme for years.
Caleb Williams at NFL Draft

Caleb Williams at NFL Draft (Photo by Aaron J. Thornton/Getty Images)
The same thing happens with the NBA Draft.

This year, the discourse on the NFL Draft and NBA Draft has gotten even louder as African-American women openly pondered why so many of the players never have a partner that is the same race as them.

One guy on TikTok decided to answer that question by revealing that the vast majority of his division-1 friends in college or headed to the league are dating or married to white women and explained why.

He stated that some of them had told him that their white girlfriend looked up to Taylor Swift while their girlfriend looked up to Megan The Stallion. He then states the guy asks how many white women he has seen doing the Megan Thee Stallion challenge as opposed to Black women.


He then dove into another story of a friend who relayed that his Black girlfriend started to request money from him as soon as she found out about his NIL money. She wanted her hair and nails done. He then added that the Black women would be upset if they went to places like Chipotle, and she demanded steak houses.



African American Players Who Showed Up To NFL Draft With White Girlfriends

NFL Draft stage (Photo by Nic Antaya/Getty Images)
Commissioner Roger Goodell took the stage Thursday for the first round of the 2024 NFL Draft in Detroit, and many players showed up, ready to hear their names called.

Many women online noticed that some players in the NFL Draft who were Black did not have the same color girlfriend on their arm.

Some of those players included Caleb Williams, who hit the red carpet at the 2024 NFL Draft in Detroit with girlfriend Alina Thyregod by his side.

Washington wide receiver Rome Odunze showed up with girlfriend Alannah Davidson.

Penn State left tackle Olu Fashanu had his girlfriend blocked by his mom from interacting with him after he was selected.