VIDEO: NFL May Need To Investigate Dak Prescott After He Accidentally Blabbed About Shady Activity Before Desperately Trying To Backtrack

Dak Prescott speaks during a press conference.

Dak Prescott (Photo via
Dak Prescott had to eat his words rather quickly after making a claim that could have probably prompted raised eyebrows from NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.

The Dallas Cowboys quarterback is facing a crucial period in his career as the team will have to make a decision on his contract at the end of next season. But he’s betting on himself to come out of the situation in better shape.

Dak Prescott spoke to the media this Monday and was asked how he is coping with the pressure of an incoming season in which anything less than a Super Bowl will likely impact his future.

“It’s just the urgency you should have, to be honest,” he said. “So maybe guys who normally wouldn’t feel it, feel it. So I don’t mind it, been in this position before. I’m a gambling man, will gamble on myself and my guys.”

The QB immediately realized his choice of words was probably not the best and made a quick, humorous clarification, making sure everyone knew he was being figurative.

“Not actually guys. I understand there’s been a lot of (issues with gambling), so, not that way,” he added