“Weird and Awkward” – Rich Eisen on Jets’ Handling of Aaron Rodgers’ AWOL from Mandatory Minicamp




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The New York Jets have all the pieces in place to make a playoff run. They were in a similar situation a year ago, but bad offensive line play led to Aaron Rodgers’ season-ending Achilles injury after four snaps in Week 1.

While anything could happen in 2024, general manager Joe Douglas did as much as he could to make sure lightning doesn’t strike twice and destroy the Jets’ hopes this year. He added four new offensive linemen, two new receivers and two new running backs. The Jets also made slight alterations to keep their top-5 defense mostly intact.

So with the majority of the team’s offseason moves behind them, the predictions for how the Jets’ 2024 season will go have started to come out. Some predict Super Bowls, while others just see the end of a playoff drought.

NFL Network’s Rich Eisen went a step further for his “best-case scenario” for the Jets.

Not only does Eisen think the Jets can win the Super Bowl in 2024, but he also said Rodgers could become the first player in NFL history to win three of the most coveted personal accolades in football. He even sprinkled another award for a Jets player as a bonus to what he says could be a franchise-altering season.

“Aaron Rodgers becomes the first player in NFL history to win Comeback of the Year, Most Valuable Player of the regular season and Most Valuable Player of the Super Bowl in the same season,” Eisen said Wednesday on his show. “… And just to put the cherry on top: Breece Hall is Offensive Player of the Year to boot. He shows and shows out and he becomes the Christian McCaffrey, if you will, of the Jets.

“And nobody gets fired.”

That would be one of the most unprecedented seasons ever. A fifth MVP award would tie Peyton Manning for the most in NFL history, while Rodgers would also get a second Super Bowl ring that would likely cement his status as a first-ballot Hall of Fame player.

Could this actually happen? Who knows! The Comeback Player of the Year award is likely a lock for Rodgers unless he has a career-worst season in New York. Regular season MVP is on the table as well since Rodgers has already done that four times and will play with arguably the best roster he’s ever had in his career. Hall could even win Offensive Player of the Year, although he’ll have stiff competition in the rest of the NFL.

If any of what Eisen says comes to pass, Rodgers would skyrocket to the No. 1 Jets player of all time. But there’s a lot of time between now, Week 1 and Super Bowl Sunday in February in New Orleans.