Sheryl Swoopes thinks people need to relax when talking about Angel Reese smacking Caitlin Clark.

The sports world was set on fire over the weekend when Reese clocked Clark in the head during the Fever/Sky game. The former LSU sensation drilled Clark in the head on a failed block attempt, and later described it as a “basketball play.”

Many people aren’t buying that claim.

Sheryl Swoopes reacts to Angel Reese hitting Caitlin Clark.

Well, we’ve found one person who is definitely buying that it was a basketball play:

Former WNBA star Sheryl Swoopes.

Not only does Swoopes think it’s not really that big of a deal that Reese hammered Clark, but the real problem might be the fans talking about it.

“It’s the clip they wanna post because they are gonna get all these likes and reposts, but that’s a basketball play. She hit her in the head, of course, it should be upgraded to a flagrant 1. Refs looked at it, they upgraded it. Can we keep playing basketball? My thing is, every time Caitlin [Clark] gets fouled, we can’t make it seem like she was assaulted. Fouling is a part of basketball,” Swoopes said during a conversation with Gilbert Arenas.

Swoopes also declared that Reese “is not a dirty player” and targeted people on social media complaining about the flagrant foul.

“Who are you and what did you do,” Swoopes asked in an incredibly mocking and condescending fashion when addressing the fans.

Yes, let’s criticize people taking time out of their day to watch the WNBA and react to it on social media. Got it. You can watch her full comments below, and hit me with your thoughts at [email protected].

It’s actually stunning that some people think the issue we should be focusing on is the fans, and not the actual treatment of Caitlin Clark.

As I often like to do, let’s quote the great Lane Kiffin when he said, “What f*cking world do you live in?” Should we just not trust our eyes?

Clark has played and beaten the Sky twice. In both games, she was the victim of incredibly hard flagrant fouls. Chennedy Carter rocked after appearing to call her a slur the first time they played, and then Reese crushed her head on the failed block this past weekend.

On top of that, Caitlin Clark has to deal with the media throwing bombs at her around the clock. She was literally asked to denounce her fans as racists and awful humans – something that is simply not true.

Now, Swoopes is joining the chorus of people targeting her fans. It’s important to remember Swoopes also spread some misinformation about Clark’s college career and claimed black people can’t be racist.

Is it a surprise she’s downplaying what’s happening to Clark?

Caitlin Clark. (Credit: Jacob Musselman/ For IndyStar / USA TODAY NETWORK)

Caitlin Clark suffered a pair of tough fouls in two games against the Chicago Sky. (Credit: Jacob Musselman/ For IndyStar / USA TODAY NETWORK)

To be clear, hard fouls happen in basketball. There’s no doubt about that, but I’m not sure anyone in the WNBA deserves the benefit of the doubt at this point when it comes to Clark. Too many things have happened for it to all be a coincidence.