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Caitlin Clark quickly kills the fun after little kid scores on her by using oldest trick in the book

Clark’s competitive side jumped out at Indiana Fever community event

Caitlin Clark did not enjoy getting fooled by two young Fever fans

Caitlin Clark did not enjoy getting fooled by two young Fever fansAP

Indiana Fever guard Caitlin Clark got out into the local community on her off days and inspired some local children by playing basketball with them. However, she may have given them more inspiration then she intended when she fell for the oldest trick in the book and allowed a little kid to score on her. Then the competitor jumped out, and Clark made sure the joy didn’t last long.

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Caitlin Clark faked out by little kid

“Your sister distracted me,” she cried, stunned by the clever decoy move that made her look silly.

The video of Clark’s community engagement, posted by the Indiana Fever, gave critical backstory to her swat at the end. Video of just the block by itself had gone viral earlier this week, sparking instant memes.

Finding out that the No. 1 draft pick‘s humbling move was a response to the trick played by the little kid and his sister added a layer of intrigue. It was yet another example of Clark’s competitive nature that she just can’t turn off. Her comments to the boy calling him for a travel and assuring him she was trying hard were further evidence.

Controversy over Clark’s competitive nature

Since her time in college at Iowa, Clark has been criticized for being overly competitive at times. Examples include her berating referees, dismissing her teammates, and even jawing with her dad during games. You can’t forget her beef with Angel Reese, which all began with Clark’s own trash talking gesture that the Bayou Barbie replicated in the 2023 NCAA Championship game.


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In the WNBA, she has met her match, finally among a group of peers who care about winning as much as her. It has manifested in a few ugly incidents of physical play. Far more often, it has simply resulted in smothering defense on the new face of the league, forcing her into a league-leading 5.4 turnovers per game.

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As the video proves, Caitlin never backs down from a challenge on the court, no matter who is on the other side. WNBA teams have gotten the better of her so far, but they should be wary of how it ended up for the little boy.