Clark was snubbed by Team USA and left out of the Games in Paris, France.

he women’s basketball world has been swept into another storm of controversy surrounding Caitlin Clark after Team USA decided to leave the Indiana Fever’s star off their selection pool for the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris, France.

It’s led to pundits and fans to criticize the decision, which was said to be because the executives were worried about how her star power would affect the attention and pressure of the group.

Clark in Fever action vs Washington

Some fans have even said they won’t bother to watch the competition, which starts from July 28 and runs through to August 11, although it’s clear those selected to play aren’t too interested in missing a fan or two, as Brittney Griner dismissed any negative watchers.

Griner offered a very simply and blunt, “Bye,” after a user posted, onto, formerly Twitter, “No Caitlin? Ain’t gotta worry about me watching.”

The message could not be any more clear. If you’re not interested in backing Team USA to go all the way, then go somewhere else and keep quiet because they simply do not care enough about what you think.

Why will Clark not play?

The overall first pick of the 2024 WNBA Draft is also the most-known name in the sport at the moment and despite shooting for over 30 points twice as a rookie, whilst breaking several rookie records, she will not get a chance to win a gold medal.

Some ridiculed the decision, including Clark’s own mother and brother, as they said that it’s important for her to play with her global visibility and that she’s talented enough to cut it anyway. But here is the official reasoning from Team USA below.