Cameron Brink and Angel Reese seemingly in approval of WNBA’s $25 million decision

Cameron Brink and Angel Reese both seemingly approve of reports that WNBA will begin chartering flights for players

Cameron Brink and Angel Reese both seemingly approve of reports that WNBA will begin chartering flights for players

Both Angel Reese and Cameron Brink seem to approve of reports that the WNBA will begin chartering flights this season. The news had been a long time coming, with many players of the mindset that the league should have been chartering flights sooner. While commissioner Cathy Engelbert has taken strides to implement charter flights, the expectation is that they will become normal.

In the past, chartered flights were reserved for the WNBA Finals and more recently in the playoffs. Nevertheless, as we saw several years ago with the New York Liberty, the league wasn’t going to allow the team to breach the CBA and allow chartered flights.

Recently, there has been added pressure on the league to allow chartered flights, given that so many incoming players were taking them in the NCAA. Of course, the obstacle for the WNBA has been the financial aspect, with reports indicating that chartered flights would cost the league $25 million.

Earlier this week, though, reports emerged that the league was looking to implement chartered flights this season. As commissioner Cathy Englebert explained, the league was in the process of figuring out logistics and would be implementing chartered flights as soon as possible.

WNBA rookies Cameron Brink and Angel Reese reacted to the news on Instagram. Cameron Brink shared the news along with a happy crying emoji and a heart, while Angel Reese simply reposted the exciting news.

As previously mentioned, in the past, chartering flights had been a violation of the WNBA’s CBA (Collective Bargaining Agreement). Because of that, the New York Liberty team owners were fined $500,000 when the husband/wife duo flew the team privately.

The moment was a shocking one for fans, who were confused by the situation given that NBA players fly private, and many NCAA teams charter flights for their teams. Despite that, and the efforts of WNBA Commissioner Cathy Engelbert, chartered flights were reserved for the finals and more recently for the playoffs.

Heading into the 2023 WNBA season, former MVP Breanna Stewart went so far as to offer to help pay for chartered flights around the league. In a post on social media she wrote:

“I would love to be part of a deal that helps subsidize charter travel for the entire WNBA. I would contribute my NIL, posts + production hrs to ensure we all travel in a way that prioritizes player health + safety, which ultimately results in a better product. Who’s with me?”

Despite her best efforts, though, the 2023 season didn’t see widespread change regarding chartered flights during the regular season. Now, though, with a new wave of young stars bringing plenty of attention with them, times are changing in the WNBA, and chartered flights may be just the beginning.