The sports world has been throwing a lot of blame around in recent days after it was announced that Caitlin Clark would not be playing for Team USA in the Paris 2024 Olympics. 

While the general consensus is outrage about the snub, people haven’t been sure about who to direct their anger at.

That is, until the five members of Team USA’s Olympic selection committee were reported on Sunday morning.

And Dawn Staley, University of South Carolina women’s basketball coach who just won a 2024 NCAA Championship against Clark and the Iowa Hawkeyes, is one of the five members.


A parade to honor the University of South Carolina women's basketball NCAA national championship victory was held in downtown Columbia on April 14, 2024. USC Head women's basketball coach Dawn Staley thanks the team's supporters at the steps of the capital.

University of South Carolina women’s basketball head coach Dawn Staley thanks the team’s supporters at the steps of the capital in Columbia on April 14 after a parade to celebrate the team’s national championship.


Staley is getting dragged on social media about her involvement in this decision.

“Dawn Staley…imagine that. NO one is surprised.” one X user wrote.


“This is racism by Dawn Staley. The wnba players hate the white girl getting all the praise.” said another.

“Dawn Staley was leading the way I have ZERO DOUBT,” a third X user wrote.

Fans are clearly upset that Staley might have been a reason why Clark won’t be playing in Paris this summer.