Caitlin Clark has endured a rough welcome to the WNBA.

The Former Iowa Hawkeyes point guard, a two-time College Player of the Year who led the program to consecutive national title games, is hardly having the best time in the pros following the Indiana Fever making her the No. 1 overall pick of the 2024 WNBA Draft.

Clark has found the wins hard to come by, experiencing just two from her first 11 games. She’s also been treated to some harsh fouls, with the latest coming from the Chicago Sky’s Chennedy Carter, who is still in the news because of it.

Caitlin Clark remonstrating

The rookie’s behavior as a teammate has come under question on several occasions.

Her Fever teammates seem to like her, although most have noticed that no one jumps to her defense when she takes a cheap shot during a game

Caitlin Clark (Reportedly) Wasn’t The Best Teammate At Iowa

If nothing else, Clark does try to get the best out of her teammates by trying to be a facilitator, even to a fault, as it’s led to her leading the league in turnovers. But a story detailing her time at Iowa has resurfaced, suggesting she wasn’t always a great teammate.

The article, published by ESPN in March, reads:


“Caitlin’s teammates meanwhile discovered her talent came with impatience and anger. She blew up a lot at practice. A lot of throwing her hands up in the air, stomping off the court and simply refusing to pass the ball to an open teammate if she didn’t believe they’d deliver.”

“I had expectations of them and they weren’t meeting them,” Clark added.

While not a great look for Caitlin Clark, it does appear that she has matured. Still, there was never any chance of such an attitude following her to the WNBA, as her teammates would never tolerate it coming from a rookie.