Chris Broussard and Caitlin Clark
Chris Broussard and Caitlin Clark (Photos via FX Sports Radio & Getty Images)
Chris Broussard has accused the Chicago Tribune of being racist based on an article they published on Chennedy Carter body-checking Caitlin Clark.

Carter’s foul on Clark is almost a week old, but it’s still being discussed.

The Tribune recently dropped a column in which it was suggested that Carter’s foul would have been considered assault if it hadn’t happened on a basketball court.

From the Editorial Board:

The foul committed by Chicago Sky guard Chennedy Carter on Caitlin Clark was egregious. Outside of a sporting contest, it would have been seen as an assault. – Chicago Tribune (@chicagotribune).

Broussard has trashed the article, branding it weak, racist, and ridiculous.

“There has been a lot of talk saying that Caitlin Clark is getting all this attention because she’s White, because it’s ‘racism,” the FOX Sports analyst said on FOX Sports Radio’s ‘The Odd Couple’.

“I haven’t seen it that way. Diana Taurasi is White, Breanna Stewart is White, Sue Bird, Sabrina Ionescu – a lot of WNBA and college stars in female basketball have been White, and none of them were championed like Caitlin Clark. I think it’s the way she plays – like Steph Curry – logo threes, the ball-handling, great passing, vision, all that stuff.

“But there HAVE been some instances of ‘racism’… One of them when Iowa was invited to the White House even though they lost to LSU! All of the sudden, the first time you’re going to invite the runner-up to the White House it just happens to be a virtually all White team led by a White star??

“I think that was racism, and I think this column, is written like Caitlin Clark is some princess who finds herself lost in a jungle, and ‘OH, MY! YOU BETTER PROTECT HER!’… ‘THESE WILD THINGS THAT ARE GOING AFTER HER!!…’ That’s how it read. SHAME ON THE CHICAGO TRIBUNE. That was ridiculous and to me THAT was racist. Angel Reese is getting hammered too, and I haven’t seen them write about her.

“She’s getting physical play, but some of that is ‘you’re just a rookie’, and she’s not the only one. We’re focusing on her because of her stardom, but a lot of them are getting that. I just think that was ridiculous what The Chicago Tribune did.”

Caitlin Clark Is Back In Action This Friday After A Four-Day Break

Caitlin Clark will return to the court with the Indiana Fever this Friday night after a lengthy rest period.

The Fever haven’t played since losing to the New York Liberty on Sunday, having beaten the Chicago Sky the day before.

They will play a winless Washington Mystics side in the hopes of extending the opponent’s losing streak. They play another game against the Connecticut Sun on Monday, having already played them twice since the start of the season.