Jason Whitlock: “Caitlin Clark is making a mistake going to the WNBA. I don’t think it’s the right move and I do think she’ll get swallowed up and perhaps changed by her experience in that league. 

She has not made a big public display of her beliefs and of her faith — and I’m making an assumption — but she does appear to be heterosexual and has a boyfriend who works for the Indiana Pacers.

That environment in the WNBA is so hostile to heterosexual White people and people of faith that either she’s going to get bullied and abused at such a level that it’s just not worth it, or she’s going to end up bowing to the woke mob in the WNBA. So I would just avoid it, it’s not worth it. Walking into the WNBA will kill her.

Conservative pundit Jason Whitlock has branded Caitlin Clark as an 'underdog'

My advice to Caitlin Clark – and I’m not expecting her to take it – go back and play college basketball one more year, exist in that bubble of love inside Iowa, and make $20 million next year. You’re going to get less attention and have far less relevancy in the WNBA than you would have at Iowa making more money.

Then you’ve played five years of basketball, you’ve made a bunch of money, go raise kids, go duplicate what your parents have pulled off. Go do that with a pocket full of money and the ability to help young female athletes. Mentor them, disciple them, maybe get involved in coaching. That would be more rewarding than subjecting yourself to Diana Taurasi, Brittney Griner, Breanna Stewart, and the rest of that very hostile group of people awaiting you in the WNBA.

I would be making a different argument if the WNBA had some sort of legitimate traction and relevancy… It doesn’t. She’s not going to elevate that league. That’s my opinion. The first week or two of her WNBA career people will tune in. When they see that group of tatted up, wannabe men, it’s not the same as Iowa.

Brittney Griner is covered in tattoos. As far as I can tell, we didn’t see anybody like that during this women’s college basketball tournament. Cardoso has a sleeve and all this other stuff, but they’re mimicking men in the WNBA. People aren’t going to watch that. They’re taking knees at every turn.

People didn’t like LSU being in the locker room for the National Anthem; the WNBA is the leader of coming up with an excuse to take a knee and disrespect the country. What’s she joining? If she was joining some super successful league that was open to her lifestyle, I’d say ‘have at it.’

Women are building brands in college basketball, and the reason they are is because there is this veneer of purity and traditional values. Colleges are located in more rural areas, not in major urban cities. Families still go to college games, it still feels like a family event, a mom-dad-and-kids event. That’s NOT the WNBA.

I think basketball has given her all that it has to give, and she should move on. I don’t know where I come down on this but my question is: did Caitlin Clark ultimately help or hurt the women’s game? And I say ‘hurt’ because it made me pay attention, and made me go ‘Whoa, I don’t like these people at all, thank God this is over. These women are mean, vicious, jealous, and racist – I’m good.’

If Caitlin Clark was removed from that game [vs. South Carolina], everybody would be like ‘THIS IS BRUTAL’… To watch a 6’7”, 300-pound girl push people around and hit put-back buckets, Kamilla Cardoso – she can’t jump over a newspaper, and you know how thin newspapers today’s newspapers are.

She couldn’t jump over one of those and has no athleticism, and she’s the ‘Most Outstanding Player of the NCAA Tournament just because she was born with the ability to get to 6’7” and carry 280-290 pounds. That game was unwatchable.”