Joy Taylor with her hands together (left) Caitlin Clark sighing (right)Joy Taylor and Caitlin Clark (Photos via Speak/X & Getty Images)

FS1’s Joy Tayor got destroyed online following what turned out to be an unpopular take.

Taylor was discussing Caitlin Clark during ‘Speak’ this week when she claimed no one was talking about the former Iowa star before the 2023 national championship game, adding Angel Reese’s taunts are what actually made her famous.

“We were not talking about Caitlin Clark before Angel Reese walked up to her, did this [waving her hand], and pointed to the ring,” she said.

“This is not my opinion. I lived it. I watched it. It was recorded, it was broadcasted live. We were not talking about Caitlin Clark before that moment, and that’s OK. You can be extremely talented and not interesting.”

Of course, Reese is doing her part for women’s basketball, and her antics gave both players more coverage than they probably would have gotten otherwise.

But Clark was pretty well known before that 2023 loss. She had already grabbed the headlines with a 41-point performance against South Carolina in the Final Four that year.

Fans Ripped Joy Taylor Over Her Odd Caitlin Clark Take

Fans were pretty quick to call Taylor out.

“Sports analysts saying they didn’t know who CC was before the 23 chip is extremely damning on sports media,” one said. “This does not say what she thinks it does.”

“This is simply not true,” another added. “If you weren’t paying attention to women’s college hoops say that instead.”

“We’re not blatantly lying. Caitlin was HER before the Natty Game and everyone knew about her before the Natty Game. Don’t do that,” said a third.

Another pointed to an interview she had with ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith in 2022.