Cardoso and Reese were fierce rivals at the college level.

Kamilla and Angel will look to make a formidable duo in the WNBA

The Chicago Sky’s newest additions, Angel Reese and Kamila Cardoso, bring not only talent but also a history of collegiate rivalry that has fans buzzing.

Reese, formerly of the LSU Tigers, and Cardoso, who represented the South Carolina Gamecocks, now find themselves on the same team after facing off in intense NCAA battles.

Their transition from rivals to teammates has sparked intrigue, especially considering the apparent “beef” between the two during their college matchups.

However, both players have been quick to dismiss any animosity, emphasizing that their competitive banter was confined to the basketball court.

Addressing rumors of friction, Cardoso took to TikTok to set the record straight, stating, “We are a great duo. I’m going to tell you this once and one time only… Social media really be trying to be messy. We played against each other, it’s competition… Outside of basketball, we cool.”

Reese and Cardoso are looking to the future

This sentiment resonates with many athletes who understand the distinction between on-court competition and off-court relationships. As Reese and Cardoso embark on their professional careers, they recognize that camaraderie transcends rivalries.

While their collegiate clashes may have fueled speculation, Reese and Cardoso are eager to showcase their synergy as they unite under the Chicago Sky banner.

As they navigate the WNBA landscape, they are poised to emerge not only as formidable opponents but also as dynamic teammates, laying the groundwork for a promising partnership in the league’s future.