All was going well for Chicago Sky rookie Kamilla Cardoso. She won the NCAA championship and had an undefeated season with the South Carolina Gamecocks. Next, she was drafted as the third overall pick by the Chicago Sky.

However, things took a devastating turn when she played the preseason opening game against the Minnesota Lynx and injured her shoulder in the process.

Recently, Kamilla Cardoso addressed the matter, expressing her emotions regarding the setback. Due to her injury, she had to sit out against the New York Liberty on Tuesday, which had her reflecting on the out-of-control situation. This sudden blow made fans empathize with Cardoso’s tough circumstances.

Kamilla Cardoso gets emotional while reflecting on her injury

Kamilla Cardoso couldn’t help but express her “frustration” at the current situation. She was present during Chicago’s media day and gave her fans a glimpse into her woes. “Just being at practice, watching, keep learning even though I’m not able to practice. Just watching the play, learning the play. And just staying connected to my teammates. They be very supportive, they be helping me a lot,” Cardoso stated.

Furthermore, Kamilla Cardoso added, “As is frustrating, I never got hurt before. I never had to sit out a game before in my life. So it’s really frustrating but I know I’ve got some really good people here. They got my back and I just gotta trust God. I believe everything happen for a reason. Even though I don’t understand what the reason may be right now, but I just gotta keep trusting God,”

Though Kamilla Cardoso was the highest pick in the Sky this season, she couldn’t make much of her debut against the Minnesota Lynx. She could only ply her trade for 13 minutes in an 81-92 loss to the Lynx. During that time, Cardoso potted a decent 6 points and was looking to get accustomed to the big stage. Sadly, that’s when she injured her shoulder.

As per the latest reports, the 23-year-old might have to sit out for the next 4-6 weeks, which can be excruciatingly difficult for the former Gamecocks star. Especially since she didn’t have to warm the bench for quite some time due to an injury. Notably, the situation turned the opposite for her former rival and now teammate, Angel Reese.

Chicago Sky has a lot on the plate other than the injuries of Kamilla Cardoso

While Kamilla Cardoso had a bad start to the season, Reese made the most of the time she played. Plying her trade for 24 minutes, she basketed 13 points, announcing her arrival on the big stage. During the next game, Reese again besotted 13 points.

Therefore, she looks to be cementing her place in the Sky lineup. And she can also get a spot in the starting five in the regular season opener against the Dallas Wings on May 15. As for now, Cardoso’s injury isn’t the only bad luck facing the Sky. The team has suffered a monumental loss, with six of their players on the injury list. Currently, Diamond DeShields and Brianna Turner are facing knee issues. However, they are most likely to get fit before the regular season opener.

Out of the next four players, only Isabelle Harrison is a little questionable, but the rest will not play. While Taya Reimer will not play due to a concussion convention, Brynna Maxwell will have to be out due to a knee injury. And Kamilla Cardoso is the last player who will not be playing.

Hopefully, Cardoso will recover soon and start contributing her best in the WNBA. Fans would be hoping the same for the remaining players and wishing that the Sky come out on top this season.

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