Photos of Rashee Rice and Caitlin ClarkRashee Rice and Caitlin Clark (Photos via Getty Images)
Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Rashee Rice showed some love to Caitlin Clark on social media this week, but he’s taking some heat for it.

Clark, who isn’t all that active on social media, took to Instagram after helping the Indiana Fever beat the Chicago Sky for the second time this season, having scored 23 points along with eight rebounds and nine assists in the record-breaking fixture.

She posted a photo of herself in her Fever uniform and another as a young girl, captioning them, “Time flies🖤✨.”

The post has attracted over 622,000 likes. Rice was one of the users who reacted to the photos, dropping “🔥🤞🏾” in the comments.

While many people liked Rice’s comment, a few did not appreciate the reaction. “Cover your charges and law trouble first then comment,” one said.

“Aren’t you in jail,” said a second.

Rice has had a troubling offseason. The Chiefs wideout is facing eight felony charges following his involvement in a street race that caused a six-car crash in Dallas.

He is also under investigation for assaulting a photographer.

The individual who filed the report wants the charges dropped, per KTSM, but Dallas Police claim there is still an active investigation.

He is expected to get hit with a suspension from the NFL ahead of his second season in the league.

Rashee Rice And Caitlin Clark Have Met Each Other At Least Once

Rashee Rice and Caitlin Clark have interacted before. The Fever star was a Chiefs fan growing up and was at their game against the Las Vegas Raiders on Christmas Day.

She got to meet Rice and exchanged jerseys with him, telling reporters Taylor Swift is “a couple of tiers above my level,” after being asked whether she met the pop star.

The outcome of Rice’s case remains to be seen, but it doesn’t appear that fans are ready to give him the benefit of the doubt.