Pat McAfee and Caitlin ClarkPat McAfee and Caitlin Clark (Photos via Getty Images)
Pat McAfee explained his reasoning for calling Caitlin Clark a “White B-” during his show this week.

The outspoken ESPN personality is still reeling from the backlash generated by his ill-advised comment on Monday but has wasted little time trying to explain it to everyone.

McAfee began Tuesday’s ‘The Pat McAfee Show‘ by apologizing to everyone offended by his remarks, revealing that he had personally reached out to Clark to say he was sorry and that they were moving forward.

He said he used a regrettable descriptor in reference to the Indiana Fever rookie and was simply complimenting her impact on women’s basketball and the WNBA.

“I utilized a descriptor that I certainly should not have used. …I utilized the words ‘white B-‘ to describe Caitlin Clark as the superstar in Indiana. Now, when I was saying it, I legitimately meant it in a complimentary fashion,” he said.

Pat McAfee Divides Fans With His Apology

“I did reach out to Caitlin Clark through the Fever PR, sent an apology, and then got a message back that she said it was all good, no blood, we move forward, and she appreciates us reaching out and apologizing,” the former punter added.

“Caitlin saying it’s OK doesn’t mean she wanted the added heat or attention,” a fan wrote in response. “What is she supposed to do? Start an even higher culture war right now? Had Fever season tix for 22 years. Saw you at a game ONCE! Get off the bandwagon. You’re not helping.”

“Shocking!! People feelings are hurt…. Get a grip people, if Caitlin is good then everyone should be good! Lighten up ppl….. McAfee, you’re the man!!” another said, disagreeing.

The apology wasn’t enough for some fans, while others were fine with it.

Another section didn’t feel there was a need for one in the first place.

Pat McAfee, though, clearly felt the need to retract his comment and admitted to feeling terrible after hearing what some people had to say.