It is a very ambitious plan.

Angel Reese.

Chicago Sky coach Teresa Weatherspoon has got a big job on her hands as she will be coaching both Angel Reese and Kamilla Cardoso in the WNBA next season.

Many eyebrows were raised during the WNBA Draft when the Sky chose to draft both Cardoso and Reese, two players who did not hold back in their on-court rivalry during the NCAA season.

Nonetheless, Weatherspoon has got her own plan to ensure that the pair mend fences and do the best they can on the same team, rather than let their rivalry cause issues for the whole team.

“They come in with a tremendous amount of belief in themselves, knowing what they can do. But also, they understand the little things they must be better at. When you have that, you know that they will buy into to becoming better than what they are now,” Weatherspoon said.

Weatherspoon added: “If you’ve ever really watched them, they compete. At all costs, they wanna win. Come from winning programs, they’re coached very well. And I like it.”

Reese and Cardoso look forward to the season

Regardless of the rivalry, Reese is certainly enjoying the early stages of her career in the WNBA.

“I love a coach that’s fiery. Brings energy every day. You know what you’re gonna get from her. She’s going to bring the best out of you every single day. You want somebody to push you every day out of greatness because I don’t wanna have an off day,” Reese said.

Cardoso has also been singing Weatherspoon’s praises, saying: “She’s an amazing coach. I don’t like to compare people but like it’s very similar to coach Staley. They big on family, they big on little details, and she just hold us accountable. So, that’s what I love about her. She stays true to herself, so, that’s amazing.”